V A N I L L A   H O T E L...


Take the lift to the 7th and 8th floor to experience Skylight Lounge. The open-air, rooftop bar offers incredible views of the city and Singapore in the distance. Assorted seafood and Western food are served on the eighth floor and accompanied by acoustic music nightly. VIP rooms with karaoke facilities are available at Level 7. Whether you want to enjoy the sunset with your special someone at the wine bar or throw back some of our very own fresh beer as you kick it with friends, Skylight Lounge is the place to spend your evening. Stop in for daily and monthly specials.


For further information please call :

Phone  : (0778) 7711 110
Wa       : +62 811 7756 778
Jl. Pembangunan Blok VI Penuin Batam 29431 – INDONESIA
P. (0778) 7711 110 | E. reservation@vanilla.co.id | www.vanilla.co.id

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